Friday, July 1, 2011

Certified Greenie!

I am a certified Greenie! And by having some time to read this post, I bet you are too! Why Go Green? This question is probably a mind boggling one for others, if I am to be asked on why should I Go Green, I’ll simply say for me, for the future generations, for the children and most of all for the planet.

I know it’s a cheesy answer that you don’t want to hear, but if you will try to think deeply, green living could lead us to a better planet. After all, we are all residences of planet earth, so why not do a little something for its sake?

Many little things will generate tremendous effects. You don’t have to be a superhero just to become an environmental champion! If you are not a millionaire then you definitely can’t sponsor tree planting projects, so as an ordinary individual who cares, you can at least do alternatives in order to embrace a greener lifestyle.

Do not panic! There’s no biggie thing to accomplish! Let us start from home. By simply getting rid of cleaning products that contains toxic materials and harmful substances and switching into green cleaning products, you can definitely reduce your carbon footprints.

As a greenie, I see to it that I walk on errands especially when it really doesn’t need riding a car. That’s minus carbon dioxide emission!

I do not Smoke. It’s good for the health and for the atmosphere as well!

I do plant herbs on our garden. It is always good to be reminded of where our food originates.

I turn off my computer completely at night. I know many of you are probably just leaving your computer hanging. Hey, we don’t own an electric company!

I collect rainwater. Seriously! You can use it for watering your garden.

I (always or most of the time) eat organic foods. Aside from its ability to detoxify, it is good to know that you are eating healthy! No preservatives, just fresh and healthy!

You too can be a certified Greenie. Remember it doesn’t have to be that biggie to help the planet and the future generation. It’s fun to do things for the sake of all and sundry doesn’t it?

How about you? What are your going green tips? Share them! You might be a greenie too. :)

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